Reactive Screen Wake Lock API provides a way to prevent devices from dimming or locking the screen when an application needs to keep running.


import { useWakeLock } from '@vueuse/core'

const { isSupported, isActive, request, release } = useWakeLock()

If isActive is called, isActive will be true, and if release is called, or other tab is displayed, or the window is minimized,isActive will be false.

Type Declarations

declare type WakeLockType = "screen"
export interface WakeLockSentinel extends EventTarget {
  type: WakeLockType
  released: boolean
  release: () => Promise<void>
 * Reactive Screen Wake Lock API.
 * @see
 * @param options
export declare const useWakeLock: (
  options?: ConfigurableNavigator & ConfigurableDocument
) => {
  isSupported: boolean | undefined
  isActive: Ref<boolean>
  request: (type: WakeLockType) => Promise<void>
  release: () => Promise<void>
export declare type UseWakeLockReturn = ReturnType<typeof useWakeLock>
export {}